Put your PAWS up – A day out in Monmouth Town

It’s not everyday you see a dog going shopping. So when Borders Dog Training asked us to help them with a promotional video for their upcoming training classes being held at PAWS Pet Supplies and Grooming Salon in Monmouthshire, we couldn’t say no!

Storm eats jobs like this for breakfast – it’s incredibly fun for him and challenges his brain enough to satisfy his need for work. But it’s easy enough that it doesn’t tire us both out to the point we can only head straight back home, and means we have plenty of time to explore afterwards!

First up was the job at hand though. After arriving and giving Storm time for a quick sniff and pee break, we headed to the pet shop to have a look around and talk about ideas for the video.

Outside PAWS Pets in Monmouth

It wasn’t hard to work out the direction to take it as the shop is so full of opportunities for some fun tricks and clever sequences. We started with all the filming we needed to do outside, just in case the weather decided to turn against us, then headed inside to get the rest of the clips. Storm was in his element showing off his skills, although the highlight for him was definitely all the hugs he was given!

I’m so proud of him for all the effort and enthusiasm he always shows to his work, with this time being no exception. Within an hour all the filming had been done and Storm and I were free to go and explore the town.

You can find the finished video posted here

Anyone who’s been to Monmouth will be able to tell you how gorgeous the town is, and how friendly all the locals are. It was so interesting learning about the history of the area. Did you know Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded just outside of Monmouth town in Rockfield Studios?

Millenium Wheel, Monnow Bridge, Monmouth

After having a wander around, Storm and I stopped off to grab a coffee at Coffee #1 before the drive back home. I absolutely love when businesses are dog friendly, and having a dog trained to a standard you can take them places makes for really lovely trips out!

It’s so important to respect other people’s businesses when they allow us the privilege of taking our pets in with us. By teaching our dogs basic manners, it means places are more likely to become(or stay) dog friendly!

Storm tucked under the table out the way, resting his head on my leg

Coffee finished and nap taken(Storm obviously, not me!), we made our way back to the car park where Storm was able to have a quick run on the grass. Then it was time to get back in the truck and head home.

Monmouth is a gorgeous little town. Thank you Borders Dog Training and PAWS Pets for giving us the excuse to go and visit. Storm and I will definitely be back soon!

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