Create the temperature of your passion – introducing Fahrenheit

It was never the intention to get such a large reptile as a pet, but when we were given the opportunity to have this guy it was too good to turn down. We have the space, the time and the experience, so why not?

Meet Fahrenheit, our Black Throated Monitor Lizard.

Settling in

Right now he’s about 30cm long – by 3 years old he’ll measure around 1.8m(6 foot)He’s going to be big, there’s no doubt about that!

The original plan was to take on a Blue Tongue or a Berber Skink. Both are absolutely gorgeous and ticked all the boxes on our ‘list of requirements’. But as they say, the best plans often go awry.

New plan in mind, we got to researching straight away and set up the biggest spare Vivarium we had ready for him. We had most of what we needed just sat in the ‘reptile draw’, all spares and extras we’ve acquired from the reptiles we currently have. Then it was time for even more research – you can never research enough before getting an animal you’ve never owned before.

Almost everything ready, we headed off to pick him up Thursday morning. It was love at first sight! For me anyway(he was more interested in trying to eat fingers!) Remaining supplies for Fahrenheit, and things for the other reptiles paid for, it was time to get him home!

After putting the finishing touches in his new viv, we left him to settle in and explore his new home alone. Naturally he was very shy, it had been a massive day for him, and everything was so new, the last thing we wanted was to overwhelm him.

Just before his basking bulb turned off I offered him something small for dinner and left him to it for the night. Considering how much had changed for him in such a short amount of time, he settled in incredibly well straight away.

Dinner time!

For the last few days I’ve slowly been getting Fahrenheit used to me, and slowly he’s getting less and less wary. He doesn’t bolt when I walk near his viv, doesn’t try and hide if I open the doors, and even comes right up to my hand when I place his dinner down for him. We’ll continue to work slowly on his trust of me at his pace and for as long as he needs.

He’s fitted in straight away, though, and shown some real promise. His level of intelligence is crazy. I’m certainly excited for a future working alongside this magnificent animal!

Note – I urge anyone to heavily research any animal they would like to own before choosing to take on the responsibility. As with all pets, you shouldn’t go out and purchase one on a whim. Captive animals rely on us for all their needs to be met, usually for a good few years, so you have to be ready for that commitment.

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