Meet the Team


Storm is a 6 year old Border Collie cross Saluki. He’s such a fun dog to do things with, always eager to work! He has the most goofy personality and is the sweetest dog who steals the heart of all who meet him!

Storm is no stranger to being in front of cameras or crowds having performed at shows such as National Pet Show and All About Dogs, and working with brands like ChuckIt and Forthglade. He has a repertoire of over 600 tricks including the basics all the way up to footstalls, dancing and stacking cups. He can work with all types of animals, will work for other people and will happily work with props.


Nimbus is a 10 month old Royal Python. He certainly breaks the stereotype that these snakes should be ‘Pet Rocks’! Nimbus is always getting himself into mischief due to his curiosity and love of exploring – this boy has to be involved in everything!

Because of his laid back, friendly nature Nimbus is an easy snake to work with. He’s target trained, and trained to look at a camera when he sees one. He’s desensitised to a wide range of smells, sights and sounds, and has never come across a situation that he wasn’t comfortable to be in. He’s an all round amazing animal to work with!


Bolt is a 2 year old Crested Gecko. He’s quite shy at first, but the more he gets to trust someone, the more relaxed and easy to work with he is. With his cheeky expression and intelligent attitude, he certainly knows how to work a camera! Bolt certainly has potential that we will continue to work with and grow, but is not currently available for hired work. 


Fahrenheit is a baby Black Throat Monitor Lizard. While only new to the team, he’s shown great levels of potential already. Currently he measures around 60cm in length, but will be approximately 1.8m(6 foot) when fully grown in a few years. His laid back, regal nature has made him easy to work with so far, and his high level of intelligence means he’s going to excel in his training. Fahrenheit is certainly going to be one to watch out for!

Fahrenheit is available for work now!


Padfoot is a 4 month old Boerboel(South African Mastiff) puppy and the newest member of the team. He’s certainly got character to spare! Boerboel’s are a rare breed in the UK, but with his calm and well-balanced temperament mixed with his impressive size, Padfoot will help any business stand out from the crowd.

Currently he knows his basic commands and a few tricks, and is available for work now. Padfoot is able to sit, lie down, recall and stay on command, as well as tilt his head and lick his lips on cue, spin left and right, walk to a mark and hold an item.


Poseidon is a medium sized baby Helix Pomatia, commonly known as the Roman Snail. He’s a light looking snail with a very distinctive blend of colours of his shell. With the help of lots of fresh fruits and veg, Poseidon is slowly learning some basic behaviours which when put with a cue will make him perfect for work in front of the camera. His silly personality and inquisitive nature are what makes him stand out.

Poseidon will be available for work from July.

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