Our Work

At Whatever the Weather we’re pleased to be able to offer a wide range of services to cater to all client needs.

All our animals have been expertly trained using force free methods, prepared for work on busy sets, and used to working in front of large crowds which means we provide you the best quality possible when you work with us.

Our animal handlers are experienced and dedicated to the welfare needs of their animals, as well as committed to providing the most professional job possible. The safety and well-being of the animals is priority at all times. You can always expect happy, healthy and bright animals when you choose us.

Get in touch to learn more about what we offer or enquire about booking a service.

Media work

Our animals are available to hire for a range of types of media work, from magazines and posters shoots, to TV adverts and films.

Each individual animal possess a unique set of skills and an impressive repertoire of commands. Their personalities certainly shine while they’re working!

Most of our animals are comfortable working around other species and with people, wearing clothing, using props and can follow cues from a distance. We’re confident in the abilities our animals have to deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Our previous work includes PitPat the Dog Activity Monitor, Britain’s Top 100 Dogs on ITV(Border Collie) and Dogs Monthly.

Events and Performances

Whatever the Weather began as a business that offered live demonstrations and performances at events and shows, and we still love being able to offer that now. Things have changed slightly with the addition of new animals and new shows to offer, but the quality of our displays has only increased.

We’re able to offer displays such as:

  • Educational Shows
  • Interactive Experience Shows
  • Trick and Stunt Dog Shows

These live demonstrations can be booked for all types of shows, company or corporate events, schools, weddings, parties or other. We are able to work with you to create the perfect demonstration!

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