Welcome to our shop! Here you can find merchandise featuring your favourite members of the Whatever The Weather Team!

25% of the profits will be donated to Dogs Trust Bridgend, which is where Storm was adopted from.

Currently the cost of postage to the UK only is included in the price. If you live internationally but would like to order something get in touch and we can get it sorted!

Cartoon image of a Black and White Border Collie stood looking to his left

Storm Sticker

Sticker featuring Storm the Border Collie


A wildtype Royal Python winds himself around a branch

Nimbus Sticker

Sticker featuring Nimbus the Royal Python


Bolt Sticker

Sticker featuring Bolt the Crested Gecko


Sticker Multibuy

Buy all 4 Sticker designs - Storm the Border Collie, Nimbus the Royal Python, Bolt the Crested Gecko, and the Whatever the Weather Team together.


New items are being added regularly! If there’s something you’d like to see please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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